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Rare bee in Norfolk

Great bee news at Sheringham Park!


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I am LOVING BBC’s Springwatch this year, absolutely thrilling viewing! It makes you realise just how amazing Britain’s wildlife is.

Spotted whilst running this evening: fox and fox cub (separate sightings), beautiful!

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The one, the only…

Sir David Attenborough!

I had the honour and privilege to meet Sir David this weekend as he came to Norwich as part of his book signing tour.

Ok so I wasn’t the only person to meet him, a good two hundred others queued (even one lady who had brought her knitting with her to keep busy through the wait-genius) but he signed my copy of New Life Stories and had an ACTUAL conversation with me! Not about anything life-changing but for someone who was expecting just ‘hello’ and/or ‘thank you’, the enquiry into how I was and how long I’d been waiting basically sent me over the edge.

Sir David has to be the most famous person I’ve ever met and he was a true gentleman.

…. Oh and the books pretty good too! 🙂

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Popular Science? June Update

So….. Um….. FAIL so far!

Not that I haven’t been reading you understand, I just haven’t been reading what I set out to read… Other books seemed to jump off the bookcase into my arms, demanding to be read! So, in an effort to convince myself that it’s okay that I read these alternative books I shall justify my time by giving you a short review of each of those I read last month.

Our Tragic Universe – Scarlett Thomas, Canongate, pp425.

Our Tragic Universe

This story revolves around Meg, a writer stuck in an unhappy and disfunctional relationship who sets out to change the path her life is going down.

This book was brilliant. An unimaginative start to the review I realise, but true nevertheless.  How could it not be brilliant? It combines science, knitting and writing – surely a perfect combination for someone like me! That aside, the book is well-written in that once you start reading, you are drawn into the lives of the characters and you don’t want to put the book down. How will Meg deal with her relationship? Will she become the novelist she longs to be? Will she manage to put her problems before her friends for a change?

I loved this book and although the scientific content was slightly overwhelming at times, it is going to be my choice of read when it’s my turn to pick at Book Club! I definitely need to read it again to fully appreciate everything written in this novel. I have previously tried to read another of Thomas’ novels, PopCo, but found it much more difficult to get into than this.

8/10 – a great read that I would recommend to friends, but something that needs to be re-read to fully appreciate the detail.

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson, Gollancz, pp160.

I am Legend - S.F. Masterworks

Written in 1954, I Am Legend has been translated to film three times. The story revolves around Robert Neville, the only human left on Earth as he battles daily with vampires. Every other person on the planet has become a vampire and the book is spread across three years of Neville’s life as he struggles to come to terms with what has happened and research a possible cure.

Wow. This book was dark… Despite being written in 1954 and being set over twenty years later you felt as though it was very relevant to the present. It has been written in a timeless manner, with a subject that although is clearly Science-Fiction, really strikes a chord. The development of both his relationship with the vampires, the vampires relationship with him and the development of the vampiric society is extraordinary yet so close to the real-life relationships humans face today.

9/10 – A very clever book that should be on Book Club lists everywhere. Loses a point only because it made me feel a bit too scared to read it too often!

So there you go, two of the books I read instead of the books I should have read!

I also read this:                                          and I should have read this:

 The Book of Lost Things  The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

But hey, you can’t have everything I guess! Note to self: Must. Try. Harder!

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Recent knitting!

I’ve done a fair amount of knitting recently, mainly presents for friends babies and the like, but I just wanted to share pictures of two projects I’ve completed by one of my favourite designers, Rebecca Danger. She has great patterns that are well written and fun, and a great blog that can be viewed here.

So, number one!

This is Penelope The Empathetic Monster. I love her! This was the pattern that made me fall head over heels with Rebecca’s monsters.


Cecil The Computer Monster! A rather marvellous monster 🙂

Rebecca Danger’s patterns can be purchased on Etsy and she has published an entire book of monster patterns:

Big Book of Knitted Monsters

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Norwich’s Peregrines

Back in March it was reported that a pair of peregrine falcons were using the dizzying heights of Norwich Cathedral as a potential nesting site on a specially built platform by the Hawk and Owl Trust. This was the second attempt at producing an area suitable for the pair and was built with consideration to the fabric of the historic building.

On Easter Sunday, a female falcon laid her first egg, making them the second pair to breed in Norfolk in 200 years. But in a twist to the story, this is not the original female, this is a younger female, who arrived a few weeks previously and ousted the first!

The Hawk and Owl Trust was founded in 1969 in response to the declining number of peregrines due to illegal shooting and use of specific pesticides.

Webcams have been set up on the Cathedral in order to monitor the falcons and can be seen here.

Chicks are expected to hatch in early June!

On a similar note, the Hawk and Owl Trust are also running a live webcam of a Marsh Harrier and her six chicks at Sculthorpe Moor.

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