Norwich’s Peregrines

Back in March it was reported that a pair of peregrine falcons were using the dizzying heights of Norwich Cathedral as a potential nesting site on a specially built platform by the Hawk and Owl Trust. This was the second attempt at producing an area suitable for the pair and was built with consideration to the fabric of the historic building.

On Easter Sunday, a female falcon laid her first egg, making them the second pair to breed in Norfolk in 200 years. But in a twist to the story, this is not the original female, this is a younger female, who arrived a few weeks previously and ousted the first!

The Hawk and Owl Trust was founded in 1969 in response to the declining number of peregrines due to illegal shooting and use of specific pesticides.

Webcams have been set up on the Cathedral in order to monitor the falcons and can be seen here.

Chicks are expected to hatch in early June!

On a similar note, the Hawk and Owl Trust are also running a live webcam of a Marsh Harrier and her six chicks at Sculthorpe Moor.


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