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Thank you Royal Mail!


Look what arrived in the post?! How very exciting! Granny Square – get ready, ‘cos here I come! Woohoo!


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September 28, 2012 · 7:53 am

Another String to my Bow

Yesterday I attended a crochet workshop at Sew Creative, Wroxham, and I had a BRILLIANT time! Rather happily, I picked up this new skill fairly quickly, and through out the day made a little lavender posy with a rose decoration, and started a Granny Square for which I have today bought more wool to make it into a blanket. A new craft that is easy to transport and will keep me entertained on those old commuter trains.

It’s always nice to add another skill to your repertoire – particularly a creative one, and even if it has not direct relation to your job. I always find that doing things that you enjoy, creating something that is beautiful and that you can be proud of gives you a great feeling of achievement – as though you can conquer the world! If only I wanted to 🙂

What next I wonder??

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Extreme Knitting!


Spotted in the latest edition of Runners World. Amazing!

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September 4, 2012 · 7:46 pm

Recent knitting!

I’ve done a fair amount of knitting recently, mainly presents for friends babies and the like, but I just wanted to share pictures of two projects I’ve completed by one of my favourite designers, Rebecca Danger. She has great patterns that are well written and fun, and a great blog that can be viewed here.

So, number one!

This is Penelope The Empathetic Monster. I love her! This was the pattern that made me fall head over heels with Rebecca’s monsters.


Cecil The Computer Monster! A rather marvellous monster 🙂

Rebecca Danger’s patterns can be purchased on Etsy and she has published an entire book of monster patterns:

Big Book of Knitted Monsters

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A Right Royal Affair

Wow, what a day it was!

There I was, up early to watch full coverage on the BBC (who pulled in a massive 19 million viewers – good work Auntie!!), having left Boyfriend in bed due to his lower levels of interest in the whole occasion.

Okay, so I have to admit, one reason for the early start was to finish my knitting:

Yes, the Queen needed a face. I’d already struggled to stay awake the night before to finish her dress as I couldn’t quite bring myself to leave the Queen naked overnight…….

But we were successful, and by the time Kate left her hotel the scene was as follows:

The Queen could see! She even had a hat and was accompanied by her faithful hound. As an aside, the Queen has kept corgis since receiving her first one as a child, which she named Susan.

I cannot recommend this book enough….and it was the source for the corgi fact!

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

Image from

It was a gift from Boyfriends mother a few weeks ago and has provided hours of entertainment!

Anyway, I digress. A friend joined me and Boyfriend to watch the celebrations, so I had prepared tea (from a royal blue teapot of course) and cupcakes. As the said friend was driving, we toasted the happy couple with ginger ale! Not quite champers but it did the trick.


Occasions like these prompt many questions about the validity of the monarchy and whether such extravagant displays are a waste of funds. I can see the concern, we already owe huge amounts of money as a nation that it seems frivolous to spend so much both from public funds as well as on a personal level. I can’t imagine there are many who haven’t purchased some memento of the day, even if it’s just a pull-out from a newspaper they may not usually buy.

I personally, though not a royal fanatic, love the royal family and what they represent to the United Kingdom. To me, they are an integral part of our history, a symbol of power and leadership, a part of what makes Britain great. Yes, they could have married in a small private ceremony but I’m glad they wowed the crowds and thrilled the audiences with such a dignified and glamorous display. It was a day of fun and celebration and a respite of relief from all the bad things that happen every day. It was a global talking point that bought people together for a few hours. I have no doubt that William will make a fine monarch for this country in years to come.

Well done to the brave people who camped out, some for days just to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, to share in their day and to show their support!

I hope that however you celebrated, or didn’t, you enjoyed the day off and shared it with friends and family.

Finally, a huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – it was a magnificent day and I truly wish you all the best!

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