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Changing times

So it’s been a while since my last post – too long really! I’ve managed to get my act together and get myself a proper grown up job, complete with the three hours a day commuting time (closer to five hours on the days I’m in the London office). It’s a great position for me, one that combines my qualifications and experience and has potential to go a long way. The only downside is the loss of time – the time I spend sat in the passenger seat of the car could be put to much better use.

Boyfriend and I have come to the decision to move closer to the office to save time and money, and lower those ever-rising stress levels. But it made me think, what am I missing out on? I need an adventure!! And whilst time and money may not permit a year-long excursion around the world, I will be 30 in 21 and a half months. Not the ‘end’ admittedly, but certainly the prospect of being tied down with responsibilities after that time may hamper the adventure prospects.

So then there is the ‘Things to do before I’m 30’ list.

Googling this brings up some interesting results. There are the crazy ‘drink so much you spend the night in A&E’ and even ‘neck a pint of peppermint oil’ (obviously something on everyone’s list); and the ‘start your own business while you can afford to lose everything’ and ‘get on the property ladder’. Nice, but I don’t want to start my own business, and whilst I may get on the property ladder before I’m 30, that is not something I’m going to rush into! I have learnt a new skill (knitting), I have started a club (knitting club), I do write a blog (if badly and rarely!), I have seen a West-End musical (or two), I have left the comfort of a job I knew well to return to university (and right the wrongs I did the first time!!), not to mention frequenting many a shower-free rock festival.

I’d like to set some more achievable goals, ones that will actually mean something to me. Things like: running a marathon; running the complete distance of the Great North Run; clearing as much of my student debt as possible (maybe even all of it!); travel – not for months at a time through South-East Asia – but certainly spend some time exploring Italy, and having climbed Wales tallest mountain I’d love to climb England’s and Scotland’s. Maybe learn another new skill and take a photography course? On a slight tangent, a tattoo would be nice 🙂 Fly in a hot-air balloon!

One article I read suggested living somewhere amazing – even if it’s only for a few months I dream of a high-rise apartment in the centre of London or a glorious cottage in North Wales.

If I manage to complete a photography course and get myself a decent camera, perhaps I cold complete a 365 day photo challenge, ending with the final photo on my 30th birthday! I’m loving the sound of that!

Anyway, it has certainly left me thinking and planning. Who knows, perhaps I will get a proper list made and everything crossed off in the next 21 and a half months!


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I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t know what to do next for the best. There are a few options open to me – some more lucrative than others, some more career-based than others; and others that are just way more convenient!

The main crux of the dilemma is this: do I take a relatively well-paid but possibly not relevant job, clear a vast proportion of the debt acquired from my studies and be of more help with the household bills (thank you Boyfriend x) or continue with the smaller, minimum wage jobs that will give me relevant experience and opportunities to ‘try-out’ different career paths so I don’t make mistakes further down the track.

Image: The Salvation Army

There is always the option to return to university and do a PhD, an idea I’m very keen on. But with the increase in tuition fees in many universities, how will that affect the amount of funding a student can secure? On a personal level, is it time to stop studying and think about the possibilities of buying a house with Boyfriend? A PhD may set that idea back by several years. Boyfriend currently works an hour and a half’s drive from our flat (yes, that is three hours driving EVERY DAY) – is it selfish to continue to lean on him and make him do all the hard work or it is sensible in the long run? It’s not as though I’d be swanning around going out to lunch everyday but there’s no guarantee I won’t be having this same job/money/career dilemma in four years time. And that is a long time to commit to if you have doubts. Not to mention his dreams and ideas for life. He deserves as much support from me as I’ve had from him.

I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve had an amazing support network throughout my life so far, particularly over the last few years when I’ve been working hard to correct mistakes I made when I was younger. Perhaps it is this experience that is making me think long and hard about what to do next – I’m hesitant to just jump in without thinking ahead five years or so. But this hesitance may cause me to miss out on great opportunities and chances because I’m too scared to try in case I fail or it’s the wrong pathway.

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who struggles with these decisions. I must say, talking it over with people helps. Sometimes, anyway! Often they throw in another option that hadn’t even occurred to me! Lists help too. But then I will write a list for just about anything!

I don’t know yet what I will do, or the best path for me to take. What I do know is that making the right decision is hard, making the wrong decision is harder, but that every decision will give you new experiences and opportunities.

Don’t be scared – things will work out in the end.

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