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Things I like :-)

Just to follow on from my earlier post, I thought I’d continue the introduction by telling you about a few things I like. Plus it gives me the chance to work out how to post photos, videos and links!

I like environmental science. After a bit of a false start, I’m back up and running and working out what to do with my career. More to come on future science-based life dilemmas I’m sure! Because of this, I love walking around the Norfolk Broads and other nature reserves. It took a while (be honest, how many teenagers enjoyed going out on long walks with their parents over spending time with their friends?) but now I’m so appreciative of what is right on our doorstep.

Image: Authors own, © April 2011

Whether the science has influenced my need for organisation or my organising requirements suited the logic behind science I don’t know. What I do know is that I write huge amounts of lists! Without these lists I’d be a nervous wreck. So to keep my life on track I have a Filofax:

Metropol Personal Organiser  (A5)

Image from Filofax

I love to knit! Randomly, this particular hobby helped me get my latest science job as it stood out on my CV and my ability to sew comes in useful.

Image from Beginnersknitting.com

I’m one of those people that get over-excited and start all sorts of projects without necessarily finishing what’s already started…. So I have many things underway! I love to make smaller items, so clothes and toys for babies (and me!). Two top designers that I love are Rebecca Danger and Anna Hrachovec who also happen to write great, readable knitting blogs!

Boyfriend plays in a band. So, by default, I like them! However, it works out well thats I do actually love them! Go have a listen, and if you like what you hear, check out their tour dates and ‘like’ them on Facebook!

Image © Tracey Edwards Photography 2010

Here’s a video of them as well – I like to make it easy for you! There won’t be too much more about them from now on I promise 🙂

As you could probably tell from my knitting ‘blurb’ earlier on, I’m quite crafty and I love to bake cupcakes (yum). But I think that’ll do for now!


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