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The First Post!

Well hi there y’all!

Firstly, apologies – this is the first blog I’ve ever had, so if it’s a bit slow going please bear with me. Hopefully I’ll improve as time moves on….!

So I’ll take this opportunity to write a bit about me and my life, and why I signed up to WordPress. Without giving too much away, I live in East Anglia with Boyfriend (of four years next month, woohoo!) who is a budding rock ‘n’ roll star with a daytime alter-ego working in insurance. I am a scientist. Or at least I’m working on it! I try and balance my minimum-wage-but-quite-interesting-and-useful-in-the-long-run job with Boyfriends three-hours travelling a day, 9-5 job and Rock Star commitments. 40% of the time I fail, but 60% of the time I succeed and by gum, is that a relief.

Needless to say, this leaves me with a fair amount of time on my own, which is generally filled with knitting. I also have a penchant for baking cupcakes. Unfortunately, Boyfriend doesn’t really like sponge so I have to eat most of them myself. Well, it would be a waste to throw them away wouldn’t it?

The idea behind this blog is that it is a partially a diary of my life and feelings, whilst also being a place to discuss issues of relevance. Admittedly mainly relevance to ME but also hopefully also to anyone who happens to read it and wants to comment.

Well thats all for now folks. I’ll be back soon with that Difficult Second Post!


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