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I went for a run in the rain last night. Not very far, I just wanted to get out for a while. I don’t usually like being out in the rain (due to being a thorough wuss!) but it was so refreshing, if a bit painful on the bare arms. Probably the most inconvenient part was trying to wipe my nose with a rain-soaked tissue….. But there was barely any traffic and it was so quiet. I was almost back home before I realised where I was.

It made quite a change to have a decent rain shower last night. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and I could definitely do with more of it, but we’ve had such gorgeous weather for such a long time it feels as though the earth is struggling a bit. Boyfriend said something about not wanting it to rain and I came back with the oh-so-grown-up-small-talk ‘yes, but we really do need it’ response, which was immediately pooh-poohed by Boyfriend. But we really do need it, I said as I pointed out the brown patches in the grass, the leaves turning before their time, the dusty air. Perhaps it’s because I walk about a lot more than Boyfriend, and my work commute includes walking through parks (it’s a tough life) but it is so noticeable we’re having weather you would expect in July or August, not May.

One of my favourite things to do in the summer months – and sometimes in the winter months – is sit tucked up in my abode, all warm under a blanket with the windows and doors open listening and watching the rain. Everything is so quiet as the noise of the rain masks the sounds of the outside world.


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