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A Few Of My Favourite Things

So this is my first blog in relation to the Daily Post Challenge, let’s face it, I don’t blog very often anyway! Life just seems to get in the way….. Not to mention the fact that it would take longer for my laptop to load up than it would to actually write the post………

I thought it was an interesting choice of topic – one that could be interpreted in a number of ways. As per the hints in the post I tried to think of material possessions that were important to me. Would I run back into a burning building to save them? Or at least turn and grab them before I ran OUT of the burning building?!

I couldn’t think of any. I don’t have anything of sentimental value. I have a lot of STUFF don’t get me wrong, (I’m a shopper and I like new things), but nothing that is overly expensive or that has been passed down generation to generation.

♦ Just to clarify, of course I would make sure Boyfriend and any pets were safe!! ♦

So I tried to think outside of the box. What do I have that makes me feel happy? What’s my favourite way to spend an evening? And it came to me – the thing I love the most is my old, scruffy knitted blanket that I bought from an Oxfam stall at Leeds Festival in 2002 because I was FREEZING!!

You know the type, lots of mis-matched squares, all knitted by different people in one of the charity’s drives for something to sell at a festival. It cost me £5 and it improved the festival sleeping experience more than I could possibly even attempt to explain!

I love curling up under that blanket when it’s cold and dark outside, when the wind is howling and the rain splattering against the window, while I drink a hot, sugary cup of coffee and read my book (or my Kindle in these new technologically advanced days). That is what I look forward to when I know winter is on its way. That and my knitting of course!

But there is something exceptionally satisfying and comforting about being safely tucked up inside and knowing you don’t have to go outside again for a long while.

Amazingly, it’s 26°C outside as I write this………….. And still I sit and day-dream about my blanket!

as requested 🙂



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I went for a run in the rain last night. Not very far, I just wanted to get out for a while. I don’t usually like being out in the rain (due to being a thorough wuss!) but it was so refreshing, if a bit painful on the bare arms. Probably the most inconvenient part was trying to wipe my nose with a rain-soaked tissue….. But there was barely any traffic and it was so quiet. I was almost back home before I realised where I was.

It made quite a change to have a decent rain shower last night. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine and I could definitely do with more of it, but we’ve had such gorgeous weather for such a long time it feels as though the earth is struggling a bit. Boyfriend said something about not wanting it to rain and I came back with the oh-so-grown-up-small-talk ‘yes, but we really do need it’ response, which was immediately pooh-poohed by Boyfriend. But we really do need it, I said as I pointed out the brown patches in the grass, the leaves turning before their time, the dusty air. Perhaps it’s because I walk about a lot more than Boyfriend, and my work commute includes walking through parks (it’s a tough life) but it is so noticeable we’re having weather you would expect in July or August, not May.

One of my favourite things to do in the summer months – and sometimes in the winter months – is sit tucked up in my abode, all warm under a blanket with the windows and doors open listening and watching the rain. Everything is so quiet as the noise of the rain masks the sounds of the outside world.

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Running Shoes

I’m a runner. Well, a part-time jogger to be more precise. I only venture out when it’s nice weather. As in, not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not windy, snowy or icy. Etc! But over the last couple of months I’ve been averaging around three runs a week, because last Saturday I took part in Cancer Research UK‘s Race For Life. This fantastic women only 5k event takes place at venues all over the country to raise money for Cancer Research. There is such an amazing atmosphere and a sea of pink as thousands of women walk, jog, run and push buggies round the distance. So if you fancy a challenge and want to raise money for such an amazing cause, get involved! I have done, I did and I will do again!

But I have now totally digressed from my train of thought (this is the problem with blogging!), which is actually the point of this blog. Are you following?!

When I was out running tonight, I didn’t take any music with me. So it was 2.5 miles of me, myself and I. Plus a few cars to watch out for. As I was running I realised how much thinking and planning I do. In fact, I was so busy thinking I nearly went the wrong way – I had to turn back and go down the correct road…..

But that case of misdirection prompted me to think about what I was thinking about while I was running. And I discovered that I think about a lot of things! I thought about needing new running shoes; the people who had annoyed me today; the upcoming decision I need to make and associated pros and cons – not to mention planning the next six months around either result of said upcoming decision; whether I was going to get run over because I wasn’t paying attention; ooo what am I thinking about?; will this make a good blog post?; tomorrows dinner; if I found an abandoned puppy where is the nearest vet and how will I get there (possibly weird I’ll admit)?; do I run funnily a la Phoebe in that classic Friends episode; and the next three weeks social/life schedule. Perhaps next time it would be more relaxing to take my iPod with me.

It seems to become a chance for me to organise my life and put plans into place. I love organising and planning. I don’t mind if plans change but I need that security of having a plan and structure in place. This of course, prompted me to wonder what other people think about and so I open the question – what DO you runners think about when you are running?

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